Eating Dark Chocolate Helps Maintain Good Teeth Health


Know how eating dark chocolate maintain good teeth health. Check out the article we found over at Living Traditionally.

Eating dark chocolates have been found to strengthen enamel, prevent tooth decay, and cavities.

Studies in England and Japan have proved that chocolate is effective at fighting cavities and dental plaque in the mouth. According to the research, chocolate is better at this than fluoride — and a much safer alternative. Compounds in the cocoa bean husk have antibacterial agents that help fight plaque in your mouth.

Chocolate is rich in antioxidants and has many other amazing health benefits.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

  • Theobromine in dark chocolate stimulates the central nervous system as it releases adrenalin. In turn, it  increases the body’s metabolism, especially if it is mixed with chilli and green tea.
  • Dark chocolate has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system due to the presence of flavonoids – natural antioxidants, which the human body cannot synthesize on its own. The darker the color, the more flavonoids are present in the chocolate. Besides, it is considered that these antioxidants are able to slow down the aging process.  Moderate, regular consumption of dark chocolate strengthens blood vessels, improves their performance and prevents blood clots. Antioxidants in chocolate can protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis, prevents heart attacks, stroke and normalizes blood pressure. Biologically active substances and useful flavonoids contained in dark chocolate prevent the coagulation of blood cells – platelets. Therefore, reducing the likelihood of blood clots in blood vessels.
  • Dark chocolate contains theobromine. Theobromine can lower  blood pressure due to its ability to dilate blood vessels. Theobromine is similar to caffeine but unlike caffeine it has no effect on the central nervous system. Theobromine contained in dark chocolate can be used as cough medicine. Recent studies have showed that theobromine is one the most effective natural coughsuppressants.
  • Dark chocolate is rich in tannins. They possess antimicrobial qualities, preventing the formation of plaque on teeth.
  • Dark chocolate is also rich in phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Phosphorus is required for the proper brain functioning. Calcium is needed for the formation of bones. Magnesium can instantly improve mood, filling life with optimism and energy. It has fast and beneficial effect on nerve cells, relieving symptoms of stress and depression.

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