Find Out What Will Happen If You Keep Eating These Apples


Apples, be it green, red or yellow, are full of countless vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients. It is a fruit that should be added on your diet to achieve that youthful, glowing skin you’ve been wanting.

Below is an excerpt of an article that tackles more about the health benefits of apple to your skin:

Apple Health Benefits for Skin

Eating fruit each day — 1.5 cups for women or 2 cups for men, recommends the U.S. Department of Agriculture — benefits your health.

Vitamin C

Apples benefit your health by boosting your intake of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. Vitamin C helps you make collagen, a protein found abundantly in your skin. Collagen is a crucial structural component of skin and helps maintain your skin’s waterproof barrier.


Apples also provide a source of copper, an essential mineral that contributes to healthy skin. Copper helps you make melanin, the brown-black pigment that colors your skin.

Vitamin A

Apples provide a small amount of skin-friendly vitamin A, a family of chemicals called retinoids. Vitamin A plays an important role in skin development — it helps immature skin develop into mature and functional skin tissue.

There you have it. Are you ready to have a glowing skin? Prepare your list now and do your grocery. Buy those apples!


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