How To Test pH Of Water At Home


How To Test pH Of Water At Home – Watch a great video below on how to know the alkalinity of your water within just a minute or two.

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Knowing if your water is alkaline or acidic is actually very important to your health!  Most waters are on the alkaline side because most laws states that they have to be.  Municipality or city waters are usually treated quite heavily with chemicals to clean the water and then they are chemically made to 7.0pH or slightly higher.

Natural water from a spring tends to naturally be 7.0+ pH.  Some experts recommend drinking water at an alkalinity of 8-9.5 pH.

Did you know that distilled water and reverse osmosis waters are actually acidic around 6-6.5 pH?  In our opinion we believe you should be drinking at a minimum 7.0 pH water.  If you have a reverse osmosis system, there is a product called the Alkalina that will take your acidic water, make it alkaline and add back in the minerals your body needs.  If you want to see it click here to check it out.

Video: How To Test The Alkalinity Of water – Water Test Kit

If you would like to get some of the pH Reagent that is used in the video from Healthier Living 4 You.  You can find it on the site by clicking here

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