Remove Scars And Wrinkles Naturally In A Very Short Time

Scars And Wrinkles

Scars and wrinkle can greatly affect a person’s appearance. It can also affect how we interact with other people. Removing these does not need to be expensive and hard with the help of natural ingredients. Check out the article we found at the Healthy Life Star.



  1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until you get a thick mix
  2. add more honey if your skin is sensitive.

Honey has great soothing properties which will relieve the inflammation in your skin, however it is not suggested for clients experiencing rosacea as it dilates the blood vessels in the face. You can also add some white or green clay to the mask. Include more water if you want the mixture to be thinner.


  • When applying the mask, make sure to prevent the location around the eyes and mouth.
  • After application, leave it to work for 10 minutes prior to washing with warm water and finishing the treatment with a high-quality moisturizing cream.
  • The mask needs to constantly be applied only on the impacted locations.
  • If you’re feeling slight tingling, do not stress– it’s an indication that the mask is working and it will go away in a couple of minutes.
  • Attempt the treatment yourself and all your facial skin problems will be rapidly fixed!

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