Risk That Milk Can Give To Our Body

Throughout history, milk has commonly been regarded as a vital part of a balanced diet. Popular sayings and slogans such as “Milk: it does a body good” and “Got Milk?” ... Continue Reading →

Drinking Milk Has Many Benefits For Your Body

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Soy Based Formulas Are Known To Carry Greater Risks Than Benefits For Infants

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Which One Is Healthier: Whole Milk Or Low-Fat Milk?

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Raw Milk Freedom Act Reinstated Is Raw Milk Making It’s Way Back Legally

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Foods That Have Way More Calcium Than Milk

We have been marketed to for years, that milk is a great source for calcium. When in fact it is not and many experts say milk and dairy products are not something human beings should ... Continue Reading →

Harvard Research Specialist Urges People To Stop Drinking Low-Fat Milk

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