4 Common Reasons Why People Become Chronically Fatigued


Extreme fatigue can be inevitable as you work, but there’s more causes to have extreme fatigue.Check out the article we found at Natural News.

Conventional medicine often claims the causes behind chronic fatigue symptoms are unknown, making it easier to simply prescribe multiple toxic drugs to patients in order to dull the symptoms without solving anything. But Dr. Drzyzga says that while chronic fatigue can have many and varied causes, there are four primary reasons behind most cases of chronic fatigue – which include:

1. Hormones
. Often, stress is a trigger for causing hormonal imbalances. Cortisol levels can shoot up, melatonin levels can be too low (especially at night) – which lead to fatigue and unhealthy weight gain. In addition, thyroid imbalances can decrease your memory and mental clarity.

2. Chronic stress. While stress is a normal part of life, too much can be draining, both physically and mentally. Of course, the worry over feelings of fatigue and memory loss can be enough to cause any person to get stressed out and sick. The key is to listen to the signs and take action to fix problems – as fast as possible.

3. Gut health. This is so important – when trying to overcome fatigue issues. The ‘standard American diet,’ emotional stress and the use of antibiotics can destroy the digestive system and make it difficult to absorb the nutrients needed from food. Bottom line: A healthy balance of gut bacteria are essential for overall good health and energy.

4. Damage from free radicals
. Any of the causes above can lead to an influx of free radicals – which attack cell membranes on a regular basis. Once enough of the energy producing mitochondria – inside every cell – get damaged, severe fatigue is often the result. Eliminating systemic infections and eating a healthy diet is our best defense against free radical damage.

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