5 Main Causes Of Thyroid Gland Issues!


From the food that we eat to the things that we do, it can damage and harm our thyroid gland, and knowing the cause can help prevent further damage. Check out the article we found at My Central Health.


In accordance with one research, about 60 % of pesticides used daily might possibly affect the thyroid’s production of hormones. It confirmed that pesticides and weed killers have been proven to reduce thyroid function and increase resistance to weight loss.


Plastic is mostly dangerous for our whole well being and body, together with the thyroid gland. Plastic bottles release a chemical, antimony, which is just one problem. Analysis conducted by the University of Copenhagen found that levels of antimony found in juices in plastic bottles were 2.5% increased than the level considered as safe. Moreover, BPA and phthalates significantly reduce the function of the thyroid as well.


Bromine is present in almost everything from pool cleaners to some forms of meals, and the truth is that this can be very poisonous to the thyroid. Even healthy patients can usually have increased levels of this substance in their bodies.


This one is a waste product produced by jets and rockets fuel. According to CDC, it is found in the water used for our fruits and vegetables, and even in our drinking water, so almost all of us are seriously exposed to its harmful influence.


Soy protein was discovered to neutralize thyroid peroxide. They contain phytoestrogens, which disrupt the function of this gland as they block the secretion of thyroid hormone, and the power of the body to use iodine.

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    Jun 15. 2016

    Most of this suggests that stuff we have no control over

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    Jun 15. 2016

    Number 1 is stress….

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