7 Meaningful 30-Minute Activities You Can Do While Detoxing


Groceries, bills, school, work, soccer practice, traffic, merging onto the interstate, cooking dinner, cleaning the dishes, and getting everyone ready for bed — that sounds pretty exhausting, and it’s what many people just like you experience almost every day.

Just reading that list was a little stressful. It doesn’t seem like there’s enough time in the day to stop for a moment, take a breath, and give yourself the “me time” you need to stay healthy. Anxiety and stress build in this hurried state and not only do they make us feel bad, but they also hurt your body’s natural ability to remove the toxins we encounter daily.

It’s a toxic spiral, and running the race means you’ll just keep going down deeper.

But, you can break free by taking just a few minutes each week to give yourself a break. You want to be healthy and happy, and detoxing is a smart first step. To help you make the most out of your detox experience, I want to present you with a concept that might be new to you: the detoxing foot spa.

It’s a smart way to approach your health because it forces you to take some time, about 30 minutes per session, to relax and carve out that “me” time, while helping you get healthy. If you use that time for mindfulness and to expand your mind, it’s a double-whammy of health and wellness.

Telling you about sitting in a foot spa as your body releases toxins and you get a few minutes to yourself probably grabbed your attention. But, you might be wondering if it’s right for you and what you could do to really make the most of that detox spa.

So, here are 7 of my favorite things to suggest that will provide a meaningful experience and interaction so that you will be healthy in mind and body.

1.Enjoy Your Favorite Show

Catch up on something you love, like a good TV show or documentary. These days, you can also catch up on your favorite podcast too. I suggest something fun because, as they say, laughter is the best medicine. Science says so too, meaning you can destress with a little enjoyment. What could be nicer?

2.Grab a Book

Most people reading this will be able to get through at least one chapter of a new book during 30 minutes. You might get farther and not want to stop! The detoxing foot bath is such a relaxing experience that some people consider its calm and quiet as the best place to read. Discover your inner warrior, researcher, detective, or more, all while giving your body time to heal.

3. Pick up a Puzzle

Screens are harming our eyes and our attention spans. Break free from that with a new puzzle or game that’s designed to get your mind engaged but not make your eyes sore. Sudoku and crosswords are a big hit because they can often be accomplished in 30 minutes, but a traditional puzzle is also a good way to build a long-term plan for mindfulness — you’ll create a routine of relaxing that will make it easier to enjoy and to detox.

4. Find a New Hobby

Want to keep your mind sharp? Take a half-hour out of your day to try something new. This half-hour theory has found that learning or practicing new skills is an easy and effective way to strengthen your mind. What’s perfect for you and your detox may differ, but there are plenty of positive activities from journaling and drawing to crafting and sewing.

5. Enjoy an Album That You Miss

We’ve all got those songs that take us way back. Whether it’s memories of the high school dance or good times with your friends before bills ever entered the picture, grab an album that you can listen to and enjoy with undivided attention. A detoxing foot bath is the best atmosphere to let go and embrace the music and the memories.

6. Close Your Eyes Meditate

Every healthy practitioner worth their salt knows that mediation can have big benefits when done regularly. They also know it’s incredibly hard for people to carve out time to do it. Well, a relaxing detox session just might be the perfect place to get healthy in body and soul. Whether you listen to guided meditation or simply close your eyes and breathe deep, the foot spa gives you the time and space to seek out that greater connection.

7. Call Your Friends or Family

And, sometimes you want a connection that’s a little closer to home. If you’re looking to feel better about your community and your personal space, connecting with an old friend or a family member can be a great way to find joy. You’re also spreading joy to others, so it creates a larger share of happiness in the world. We’re naturally social and do best when we connect with others, so this spa gives you a guaranteed time to talk, free of distractions.

Taking 30 minutes to detox gives you a great opportunity to relax, breathe deep, and remove the day’s worries. Plus, the ionic detox foot bath from Healthier Living 4 You can maximize your body’s relaxed state for optimum toxin removal and alkaline health.

These are just a few things you can do to make your next detoxing session more enjoyable, more successful, and better able get you back to a healthy normal life. Make the most of your next 30-minute break by pairing it with the 3-in-1 FIT Premium Ionic Foot Bath Detox, which removes all of those toxins your body is holding onto but must release for a healthier you.

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