About 70% US Apple Juice Comes From China


Did you know that most of the apple juice you are drinking right now comes from China? And did you know that it is proven to be be laced with arsenic much higher than safe levels?  If you’re like us, we love our apple juice, but don’t want compromised, unhealthy apple juice that can affect our health.

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4 Responses to “About 70% US Apple Juice Comes From China”

  1. Robin Mcneill

    Nov 14. 2015

    No apple trees in the USA and Canada I guess

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  2. Teresa Bray

    Nov 14. 2016

    I buy organic apples and juice. I always check to see where the source of apples or any fruit type juice is from. I also check where my dog snacks are made.

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  3. Almon J. Mayze

    Nov 14. 2016

    As do I, at a minimum.

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  4. Trump will soon change that!

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