Beat Diarrhea The Natural Way!


Diarrhea happens when viral and bacterial infections strike your digestive system and causes you to vomit, stomach cramps, bloating, bowel movement urgency, and dehydration. Having diarrhea can also weaken you by being dehydrated. Thus, you need to keep an eye on your body fluids.

Below is an excerpt of an article that shares natural ways that you can try at home to treat diarrhea:

Be Sure to Stay Hydrated

  • Select sports drinks. “Sports drinks make sense and are available in a wide variety of flavors,” Dr. Bickston says. Sports drink work because of their sugar and salt content; both allow water to be more easily absorbed, and even more so when taken together. People can make their own sports drinks by adding a teaspoon of salt to a quart of apple juice, Bickston says. “That little amount of salt will help the body absorb fluids but isn’t enough to make the apple juice taste bad.” Bickston recommends keeping your drinks at room temperature because a warm drink will sit better with you than a cold one.
  • Stick to clear liquids. Some other good choices for treating diarrhea include clear broth and water, unless you’re traveling outside of the country.
  • Avoid drinks that can worsen symptoms. Caffeinated, alcoholic, and sugary drinks can worsen dehydration. Milk and other dairy products can also make your symptoms worse because diarrhea can cause temporary lactose intolerance.

Try Eating a Bland Diet

When dealing with a brief bout of diarrhea, you want to keep your diet bland. You may find it best to only have clear liquids for the first 24 hours. Then you can slowly add bland foods to your diet. Some bland foods include bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast otherwise known as the BRAT diet. An updated version of the diet that includes tea is referred to as BRATT. Research shows there’s not a lot of evidence to support the benefits of following this diet, but it may not hurt. At the same time, while bananas may be okay for adults, they’re not recommended for children who’ve been vomiting. Crackers and mashed potatoes minus the butter may offer a better alternative for both adults and children.


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