Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants


Ants can also carry around bacteria that can be transferred to your food or your open wound. It can be also disturbing seeing ants running around your house. We’ve compiled natural ways for you to get rid of your ant problem

Below is an excerpt of an article that shares the natural ways you can try at home to get rid of ants:

Lemon Or Orange Essential Oil

Citrus oils contain d-limonene, which is toxic to ants. It also masks their scent trails. (Orange, lemon and grapefruit essential oils all contain d-limonene)

To use: Place a few drops on a cotton ball and wipe on baseboards and other entry points. You can also leave a citrus-infused cotton ball in cabinets and other areas as needed. Repeat every few days until ants are completely gone, or see below for how to use it as a spray.


Like essential oils, the smell of vinegar repels ants and also masks their scent trails. It is best used with another repellent, like citrus peels or essential oils.

Baking Soda and Powdered Sugar

Apparently, the powdered sugar attracts the ants and the baking soda kills them. Mix 1 part sugar with 1 part baking soda and then place your mixture in shallow lids wherever you see ants.

Sprinkle Cornmeal near Ants
Ants treat cornmeal as food. Unfortunately for them, cornmeal is not something that ants can easily digest. Ants that consume cornmeal may starve to death due to the digestion issues. You could also try using grits if cornmeal isn’t available.

Sprinkle Cinnamon Next to Ant Entry Points
Cinnamon could act as a natural repellent against ants because of the presence of toxins like Cinnamaldehyde. Sprinkle a good amount of cinnamon next to common entry points to deter the ants from entering your home..


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