BEWARE! This Type Butter of Butter Might Cause You Acne, Breast and Prostate Cancers


If you buy non-organic butter because it is inexpensive, you may just have to change your orientation.

While butter can be healthy for your body, organic butter actually does more good to your body than harm when taking in moderation, thus is not the case with non-organic butter.

The way an animal is raised and it’s diet will also affect the quality of the butter and that the fatty acid concentration in the butter actually depends on this fact.

Butter consists of mainly fat and also a highly concentrated food source of this bioaccumulative toxin.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Evaluation to Measure Persistant Bioaccumulative Toxic Pollutants in Cow Milk stated that;

In the U.S about 35% of the daily consumption of dioxins is actually obtained directly from dairy products. For children this percentage us much higher.

There is a low-level contamination of most animal fats due to the presence of high levels of bioaccumulative and toxic pollutants (PBTs) and this also includes dioxins.

Milk fat is one of the highest if not the highest dietary source of PBT exposure. This makes it crucial that everyone understands the PBT levels in milk. Further studies also tries to see the difference in the PBT levels in milk from different regions.

It has been seen as published by Food Babe that modern day dairy cow feed is laced with omega-3 fatty acids, proteins as well as CLA derived from GMO  rapeseed (i.e. canola), this is done because the cows are unable to get sufficient nutrients when they eat only grass.

Most cows these days are fed with GMO alfalfa hay, cows which are raised in the conventional way these days are fed entirely on GMO feeds.

The danger is that most of these feeds are created in a laboratory and were not put to test for an appreciable period of time before being commercialized for profit.

Non-organic butter from GMO fed dairy cows usually have insulin-like growth factor 1 or IGF-1.

This is a growth hormone which acts in the same way insulin functions in the body.

Hormone-dependent conditions such as prostate and breast cancer as well as acne are linked with IGF-1 exposure.

It is now known that IGF-1 exposure can help to develop cancer cells.

Eating non-organic butter has many health implications such as an increased risk acquiring a cardiovascular condition.

Research conducted at the State University of New York’s School of Medicine has shown that consuming conventional butter on a regular basis will increase serum cholesterol levels as well as the blood pressure of men.

If a person already has increased blood cholesterol then eating conventional butter frequently will only add to their already high LDL cholesterol levels.

The Benefits Of Organic Butter

  • This type of butter has growth factors, over 60 digestive enzymes and immunoglobulins (antibodies).
  • It is rich in vitamin K2 which helps to de-calcify the arteries and prevent clogging.
  • It has both omega-6 and omega-3 fats.
  • It is also rich in butyrate which is an anti-Inflammatory fatty Acid.
  • Your colon cells will be kept healthy because of butyeric acid which is a short chain fatty acid that comprises of 4 carbon atoms and provides a major energy source for intestinal cells.
  • Grass-fed butter also has high amounts of the following in bio-available form – proteins, amino acids and raw fats.
  • It is rich in the following minerals and vitamins like Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K

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  1. Monica Blackwood

    May 17. 2016

    Only grass feed too.

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  2. Bellis

    May 17. 2016

    *rapeseed*, not “grape seed”

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  3. Melinda Dingle

    May 18. 2016

    Pls. Stop. Just stop.

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  4. Bianca Ahmad

    May 18. 2016

    If you want to spend 10.00 on organic butter, all the power to you. There’s a lot more to getting cancer than consuming non organic butter.

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    Jun 21. 2016

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    Jun 22. 2016

    Everything is Cancer

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  9. Sylvie Seguin

    Jun 22. 2016

    What is organic anymore… the soil rain and everyrhin is polluted with chemicals and gmo.. no such thing as organic

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    Sep 22. 2016

    Awesome good to know!

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    May 31. 2017

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