Candace Marie-Fox Cures 4th Stage Thyroid Cancer! This Is What She Ate


Cases of thyroid cancer are increasing year by year. In United States alone, there are 56,000 new cases each year. This type of cancer can occur in any age group but is most common after the age of 30. Females are more likely to have thyroid cancer than men. Although still the cure rate is high, it is still best to treat and cure it as early as possible. Candace Marie-Fox had fourth stage cancer in her thyroid and was told she only had a certain amount of time to live.  This is where her whole lifestyle changed and she claims through lifestyle change and what she consumed healed her from the cancer.  Learn all about her and her story on the Next Page.

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10 Responses to “Candace Marie-Fox Cures 4th Stage Thyroid Cancer! This Is What She Ate”

  1. Carmie Marie

    Mar 14. 2017

    Beautiful !!

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  2. Debbie Calantonio

    Mar 14. 2017

    Great!!! I was just thinking about up taking my berries

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  3. Sheri Brenn-Cartalino

    Mar 14. 2017

    Hard to believe!

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  4. Debra Berryhill

    Mar 14. 2017

    How do you eat 3 pineapples a day? Seriously! My mouth would be completely raw.

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  5. Sandra Reaper Barnett

    Mar 20. 2017

    Ray Barnett

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  6. Cristina Rose

    Apr 05. 2017

    Wow! Good for her! She is gorgeous!

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  7. Jo Elliott

    Apr 23. 2017

    Becca Doggett xx

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  8. Nabil Selim

    Apr 24. 2017


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  9. Oil Supplements

    Oct 16. 2017

    nice post, bcnu:p

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  10. cyndi

    Mar 23. 2018

    Oh please…look this woman up online. She is a total fraud. She admits to having a full course of radiation on her webiste.

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