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how to lower high cholesterol level

Do you eat okra? Did you know that it is actually a fruit but eaten as a vegetable? Yes, okra is a fruit. From a botanical perspective, an edible plant with seeds is considered a fruit.

Okra has many health benefits. One of those is balancing the cholesterol levels. To know more of its health benefits, below is an excerpt of an article that talks about it:

Okra Health Benefits

Boosts energy

If you suffer from fatigue and a general lack of energy, consuming more okra in your diet can help to boost your energy naturally.

The journal Nutrients published a study showing that okra contains anti-fatigue properties. Certain enzymes and nutrients in the seeds of the okra plant reduce levels of blood lactic acid and other chemicals that affect feelings of fatigue. The research found that okra seeds have anti-fatigue properties and okra pods are rich in antioxidants.5

Helps lose weight

There are a number of ways that okra can help you shed pounds of excess weight quicker than you might imagine.

As research in this article has shown, okra is a rich source of dietary fiber, and consuming okra in meals will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Also, okra is very low in calories but high in vitamins in nutrients. This means that okra can help to nourish your body without piling on extra pounds of excess body fat.

Controls cholesterol levels

You can help reduce cholesterol levels in your blood by eating more okra in your diet. Not only does okra contains no fat, it also has compounds that actively reduces “bad” cholesterol (or, low-density lipoprotein, LDL cholesterol).

Okra’s health benefits are too many to mention. It can help you balance your cholesterol level. So, it’s time to add more okra in your diet. Stay healthier!

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