Durian And Cola: A Toxic Combination


Durian is a popular fruit in Asia. Despite the smell, it is surprisingly tasty and many travelers from western countries are wanting to have a taste to this popular fruit. But there are incidents reported that this tasty fruit shouldn’t be paired with cola, alcohol, coffee or milk that caused death in some countries.

Though tasty and delicious, Durian fruit should not be paired with cola, coffee, alcohol or milk or anything with high caffeine. Learn more below. Check out the article we found at Healthy Tips World.

A man named Kim-Siang Ng reported that a 28-year-old Chinese tourist visiting Thailand died because of excessive intake of Durian then drank a Coke in-can.

According to the source, a Chinese guy suffered from caffeine intoxication caused by the surge in blood pressure that led to his sudden cardiac death.

One study conducted in the University of Tsukuba by John Maninang and Hiroshi Gemma showed that this deadly combination is possible. Durian fruit has a high sulphur content that impairs alcohol breakdown that can shutdown the activity of an enzyme that helps to clear toxic products in the body (aldehyde dehydrogenase) by up to 70%.

By that study, it tells that toxic materials failed to be cleaned due to the enzyme to not work properly due to the high sulfur content of durian.

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