• Hidden Side Effects of Botox Injections You Should Know About


    Below is an excerpt of an article that tackles more about the 5 side effects of botox injection:

    5 Side Effects Of Botox Injection

    1. Bruising

    The most common side effect of Botox is bruising, which is caused more by the injection than the toxin.

    2. Pain And Swelling

    Pain, redness, and swelling are also likely. These are more an immune reaction than a side effect and develop right around the injection site.

    3. Drooping Eyelids Or A Crooked Grin

    While this is a rare side effect, it can happen when the toxin travels to places other than its target location.

    4. Muscle Weakness

    Temporary weakness of nearby muscles is the most feared side effect. They can even become paralyzed.

    5. Flu-Like Symptoms

    Flu-like symptoms like fever, runny nose, and sore throat are other possible side effects. This is caused by a reaction of your immune system.


    There you have it. It is better to see a doctor first before you undergo botox injections. Know if this treatment is good for you or will only cause you some health problems. Enhancing your physical appearance is good. But, putting your health at risk just to look better is something you should think about.

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