How To Do A Pedicure At Home By Using Natural Products (without tools)


Achieving a beautiful pedicure doesn’t just have to be done in a spa by a professional.  You can do it right at home in your house with natural ingredients.  You can save a lot of money doing this at home rather than going to the spa.

Rough, cracked heels can be really unsightly, embarrassing and even painful. No one wants to experience this issue, especially in the summertime when we all wear sandals and flip flops the entire time.

Forget about those foot care products which will cost you a fortune! Just follow the step by step video below and you will soon have beautiful feet that everyone will wonder where you get your feet done!

You can also do this at home as a mother daughter fun night or with some of your best friends.  Do your own pedicure or do it on eachother!  Enjoy the video below!


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