How To Grow Organic Bitter Gourd For All It’s Health Benefits

bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is a very health and nutritious plant. Little do people know, there are certain place with hard access on this vegetable. Growing isn’t that hard. Check out the article we found at FabHow.

Steps to Grow Bitter Gourd in a Pot

Things you’ll need:

  • Necessary gardening tools
  • Bitter gourd seeds
  • A pot
  • Fertile soil
  • Vermicompost or any other organic compost
  • A stick for support
  • A rope
  • Gloves
  • Pebbles

Step 1. Prepare the soil

It is essential to add some compost, such as vermicompost, to your soil before you start planting to give your plant a better environment in which to thrive.

Step 2. Use the correct sized pot and ensure proper drainage

Choose a medium-sized pot and put small, flat stones over the holes in the bottom. This allows proper drainage of water while preventing soil from slipping out. Bitter gourd thrives in well-drained soil.

Step 3. Fill the pot with soil

Put the prepared soil and compost mix in the pot. Fill it completely, leaving only 1 inch from the top. If you find any hard substances in the soil while filling your pot, just remove them.You can buy good quality seeds online or from your nearest garden store or supermarket. Hybrid seeds that are pest and disease-resistant are a good option.

Step 5. Water daily and check the growth

Like all other plants, water is important for the growth of bitter gourds. Water the seeds daily and wait patiently for about a week until the seedlings start to emerge. Soon the small plant will start growing day by day. Keep track of the growth.

Step 6. Give the young plant some support

As soon as the small plant has grown about 2 to 3 inches long, it is time to provide support for the vine to creep on. This is important to prevent the leaves from having direct contact with the soil. By this time, the vine will have developed a few leaves.

Step 7. Allow the plant to grow in sunlight

After providing support, you need to do two things: You must water the plant on a regular basis. You can do this every morning or in the afternoon, but remember that you must not overwater it.

Step 8. Add a rope for support

As the vine starts growing longer, you need to use a rope to allow the vine to climb. In the meantime, you will notice flowers blooming on the vine.

Step 9. Harvest the fruit

After about three months, you can harvest the fruits of your labor. The mature gourd fruits have a light green color and the ends of the spines will become round. Freshly harvested fruit tastes the best.

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