• Left Chest Pain Should NOT Be Ignored. Here’s Why!


    There are chest pains which should not be ignored. They could be warning signs of a more serious health problem. Actually, left chest pain is very often caused by serious medical conditions related to your heart.

    Below is an excerpt of an article that talks more about left chest pain and the causes of it:

    Common Causes of Left Side Chest Pain

    Let’s look at some of the most common reasons for left side chest pain.

    Heart attack

    Sharp pain on the left side of your chest is one of the most common symptoms of a heart attack. A heart attack is caused when not enough oxygen-rich blood gets to the heart. The heart attack will usually cause severe chest pain that may last for a few minutes or it may come and go.


    Angina causes severe pain and discomfort on the upper left side of your chest and in the middle of your chest. The tightness and discomfort in your chest are as a result of not enough oxygen-rich blood getting to your heart.


    An infection of the membrane around your heart can cause a condition called pericarditis which results in sharp, stabbing pains in the left side of the chest.


    Costochondritis is painful inflammation of your sternum (breastbone) which can cause sharp, aching pains on the left side of your chest or sometimes on the right. It can be caused by a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection.


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