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  • Get Rid Of Yellow Or Discolored Nails With These Natural Remedies

    Yellow Nails
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    Having yellow or discolored nails can actually be caused by a fungal infection, excessive nail polish use, other health issues and even smoking.  Nail discoloration could mean a serious medical condition that affects our body.  So, it’s best that you talk with your physician just to make sure that all is okay with your health. Below are some more causes of yellowing nails as well as the best ways to naturally get rid of the discoloration leaving your nails looking perfect!  Check out the article we found at Doctors Health Press.

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    Causes and Epidemiology

    Various elements lead to nail discoloration. According to the Web MD, yellow nails are usually caused by fungal infection. As per the publication, worsening of the infection may cause retraction of the nail bed, as well as thickening and crumbling of the nails.

    Along with lymphodema and lung disease, the nails may also separate form the nail bed and it is called onycholysis. This condition may also cause the nails to become light to whitish-yellow in color.The nails may also present other colors, aside form yellow.

    Signs and Symptoms

    Edema is usually non-pitting in nature and it usually takes place following the nail changes; the interval usually involves  some months.

    Home Remedies

    Peroxide and baking soda are two ingredients you can use to get rid of yellow nails. A tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide is mixed with two and a half tablespoon of baking soda in a small bowl. Next, take a cotton swab and cover the entire nail with the paste.

    Leave it on for 2-3 minutes, rinse with warm water. Baking soda will exfoliate, while hydrogen peroxide will whiten.

    For Stubborn Discoloration – * Mix 1 tbsp coconut oil with 2 tbsp baking soda, few drops of lemon juice and apply to nails. Brighten, exfoliate, and moisturize.

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