Scientists Proving Onion Flavonoids Can Help Heal Cancer


Onion Flavonoids has  a lot of benefits that can cure cancer. Choosing the natural treatment can avoid us to the side effects of the synthetic medicines. Check out the article we found at Natural News

Onion flavonoids slow colon tumor growth by 67% in vivo

In this study, researchers fed three different doses of flavonoids extracted from onion, an oral chemo drug, or saline (as control) to mice, along with a high-fat diet. The fatty diet was used to induce high blood fats and cholesterol (hyperlipidemia), since that is a major risk factor for colon cancer, and many human colon cancer patients have this condition.
Onion flavonoids: major benefits without the side effects

Chemo drugs are known to carry some serious side effects, and the drug used in this study was no exception — over 100 possible side effects are known, including coma, temporary blindness, loss of ability to speak, convulsions, paralysis and collapse. Onions are known to have the ability to decrease c, and in a recent placebo-controlled clinical trial, onion skin extract significantly lowered total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and the atherogenic index in healthy young women after just two weeks.
Onion fights multiple cancers – at the right dose

Garlic, leeks, chives, shallots, onions and scallions (or green onions — which are just young onions), are all allium vegetables. Previous studies have shown that these vegetables protect against multiple cancers; however, onions often emerge as the most powerful single vegetable, simply because we eat more of them. A recent study from Switzerland and Italy has shed light on just how much we need. Eating up to seven portions of onion per week had mostly minimal effects.

However, eating more than seven portions weekly (one portion = 80 grams) had the following remarkable risk reductions for cancers:

Mouth and pharynx: -84%
Larynx: -83%
Ovarian: -73%
Prostate: -71%
Large Bowel: -56%
Kidney: -38%
Breast: -25%

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