• Sepsis – Go To The Doctor Immediately If You Notice This!


    Below is an excerpt of an article that discusses the symptoms of blood poisoning you should be aware of:

    Symptoms of Blood Poisoning

    The early symptoms of blood poisoning can be hard to identify, particularly against the background of the underlying, causative infection. The symptoms you should be aware of are:

    • Most people develop a fever. Some, however, may have a normal or low temperature. So, do not hesitate to seek medical treatment if other symptoms are present but a fever is not present.
    • Many people experience chills and may shiver or shake.
    • There are some who experience a fast heartbeat and some may be breathing more rapidly than normal.


    If the infection has progressed to severe sepsis there are likely to be additional symptoms:

    • A person will appear disoriented, agitated and confused.
    • He may experience dizziness when standing.
    • Diarrhea and vomiting may be experienced.
    • The skin may be cool, moist, and usually pale.
    • Some people complain of severe joint pain, back pain and abdominal pain.


    If you or anyone you know experience a combination of the symptoms mentioned above, immediately go to a doctor to prevent further health problems. And if you find this article helpful, please do share this to others.


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