Study Finds that Saffron Extract May Lower the Risk of Glaucoma


Glaucoma can be treated by medications or by surgery. But as much as possible, lowering the risk factors and preventing it is still the best thing to do.

Below is an excerpt of an article that discusses how saffron extract can help lower the risk of glaucoma:

The researchers found that after treatment with the saffron extract, the number of living retinal ganglion cells in the treated group was significantly higher in comparison with the non-treated group. The group that received the treatment maintained healthy eye levels by the end of the intervention period. Additionally, protein biomarkers of inflammation were reduced.

The saffron extract’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidative characteristics are attributed to its naturally occurring bioactive compounds, specifically crocins and crocetins. These compounds can scavenge free oxygen radicals, thus reducing retinal cell damage and cellular self-destruction.

Once you have glaucoma, it can’t be prevented. That is why it is better to lower the risk of having it.


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Saffron extract may lower the risk of glaucoma


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