• The Amazing Benefits of Skin Icing


    Natural Glow

    Who doesn’t want to have a glowing skin? From now on, forget about highlighters – all you need is a clean cube of ice to achieve that healthy, natural glowing skin. By rubbing an ice onto your face, your circulation and skin hydration will improve. To make a little more twist, don’t just use ice. Instead, you can freeze fruit cubes. You will get the same benefits plus the vitamins and minerals from the flesh and skin of the fruits. See, you get to save money and still have the best results in a natural way.

    Vibrant and Clear Skin

    For those who are battling with acne problems, ice doesn’t get rid of them but it will help reduce inflammation and discomfort. Always use clean ice cube and apply it on affected surface for a few minutes until pain and redness is relieved.

    Puffy Eyes No More!

    Pufgfgy eyes are common problem by those people who had an exciting night out with friends or stayed up late watching their favorite series or movies. Since ice cubes can help improve circultaion, they can also help reduce swelling. But keep in mind that the skin around your eyes is very delicate. So you need to put the ice in a soft cloth and gently swipe it around your orbital bone to prevent the delicate blkood vessels in the area from being damaged. This routine can help you achieve that freshly awake look even if you only had 2 hours of sleep.

    Shrink those Pores!

    Say goodbye to your expensive face primer. It’s time for a more natural approach to reduce pore size. In the morning, after washing your face with cold water, apply ice after then watch your pores getting smaller and smaller as you repeat the routine.

    Wrinkle Prevention

    Another great way on which ice can help you look younger is by preventing the formation of premature wrinkles. Since ice are known to improve circulation, it helps the skin retain its natural elasticity because it will be supplied well with oxygen. When skin is properly supplied with oxygen, it will look healthier, heals faster and fresher.


    There you have it! Enjoy the amazing benefits of skin icing!


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