• The Most Effective Mouthwash To Use


    Brushing and flossing are great ways to have healthy teeth and gums. And if you add mouthwash to the equation, then, you are set for oral hygiene success.

    But did you know that you can save dollars if you create your own mouthwash? Yes, there are lots of people who are creating their own mouthwash and have claimed it’s effective.

    Below is an excerpt of an article that shares the ingredients you need to create your own mouthwash:

    All you really need is the following: baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide, cold and warm water, toothpicks and a toothbrush. Sounds easy enough, don’t you think?

    First, you want to mix salt and baking soda into a small container. Then, place your toothbrush under some warm running water and swirl the bristles around in the soda-salt mixture. After you’ve done that, brush your teeth normally, spitting out the homemade paste.

    Now it’s time for the mouthwash part. This part takes absolutely little to no effort. All you do is combine ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide with ½ cup of warm water and swirl it around in your mouth. It should only take about a minute or so.

    So what exactly is the toothpick for? Well, there’s actually a huge purpose for it. After you swish your mouth with peroxide, you want to remove as much of it as possible. The toothpick helps remove the sticky tartar in all those hard-to-reach places. People typically do this process one-two times a week. It’s a fast and fun way to help prevent a plaque build up. So try it out for yourself and see if it works!


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