• These Habits Could Be Signs You Have Hidden Depression


    Depression is silent but deadly. It has to be treated and stopped. And if you want to help someone fight depression, then you have to be aware of his/her condition. Below is an excerpt of an article that tackles the habits of people with hidden depression:

    Everyone needs to know the most common signs of hidden depression, so if you notice them in someone you know, it is time to act and help:

    They cannot calm down their mind

    Their thoughts are quick, deep, and analytical, so they face difficulties to calm their mind.

    Hide their mood

    Depressive people are good at hiding their feelings, so their mood swings are rarely obvious since they can easily fake a smile.

    They search for meaning

    Depressed people anxiously search for the purpose in life, and are often obsessed with existential questions.

    Irregular sleeping patterns

    Depressed people often battle with insomnia or spend their days sleeping.

    They are pessimistic

    Intelligence often goes hand in hand with depression, and depressive people are good at solving problems, but they tend to be pessimistic.


    Those are some of the habits of people with hidden depression. Be observant and help them overcome their struggles. Together, let’s fight depression.


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