These natural remedies will offer you immediate relief from a sore throat


What is a sore throat?

A sore throat is a specific condition in which the patient suffers from itchiness and a burning
sensation in the throat. The condition is aggravated when the patient swallows any form of food or
fluid. It is caused due to a number of factors and accompaniment symptoms ranging from sneezing
to a loss in appetite.

Types of Sore Throats

The types of Sore Throats have been broadly classified under three categories on the basis of the
part of the affected throat:
● Tonsillitis is the inflammation and redness of the tonsils which is a soft tissue located at the
back of the neck.
● Laryngitis is the redness and inflammation of the larynx box, commonly known as the larynx
● Pharyngitis is the inflammation of the area behind the mouth.
What causes Sore Throats?
The common causes behind a sore throat can be listed as given:
● Bacterial Infections such as Strep Throats, Tonsillitis, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.
● Viral Infections such as cold and influenza
● Dry air also causes a sore throat because the moisture is sucked from your throat
● Allergy triggers like grass, pet dander, pollen, etc. can also cause a sore throat
● The Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is also a common cause of the sore throat
● Any injury that causes pain in the throat also causes a sore throat
● The growth of a tumor in the larynx, tongue or throat is also one of the uncommon causes
of a sore throat

Symptoms of a Sore Throat
The given symptoms commonly characterize a sore throat:
● Scratchy and burning sensation
● Dry and raw throat
● Tender and irritated interiors

Natural Remedies to cure a Sore Throat

Now that you know almost everything that you should know about a sore throat let us delve into
the seven most popular ways of treating a sore throat naturally.

1. Apple cider vinegar: A natural health energizer, apple cider vinegar has been a natural
remedy for many ailments of humankind. It has antibacterial properties that help to provide
relief to a sore throat.
To aid throat pain, drink one cup of warm water with one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
mixed into it. One Tablespoon of honey can also be mixed through to sweeten the mixture
and aid the swallowing process.

2. Gargle with Salt Water: The most popular and trustworthy form of natural remedy for a
sore throat, gargling with salt water is indeed an inexpensive way of getting rid of a sore
throat. The salt helps to reduce the inflammation as water is pulled out from the tissue cells
while gargling. The unwanted microbes present in and around the throat region are also
killed in the process. Warm water used for gargling also soothes the itchiness present in the

To help soothe a sore throat, mix in about one teaspoon of salt into one cup of warm water.
Mix until dissolved and use it to gargle. Gargle with this mixture for 30 seconds in your
mouth and repeat this process once every hour.

3. Honey: Honey is an excellent remedy commonly used to alleviate a throat pain. When
combined with vinegar or particular herbs in warm water, its healing properties are
enhanced. It helps the body fight infections and provides relief from any impending pain.
Herbs like the holy basil (tulsi), pepper, peppermint, etc. are commonly used with honey to
cure any bodily ailment.

4. Lemon Water: Another great way to soothe a sore throat, a cup of lemon water reduces
throat pain and rejuvenates the body. The presence of certain pain-relieving compounds
and Vitamin C are the principal causes behind its healing properties. Lemon combined with
warm water helps in maintaining the moisture of the inner membranes. This is because
consumption of lemon water increase, the quantity of saliva produced by the body.
To alleviate your throat pain, combine the juice of half a lemon with one cup of water. Salt or
honey can also be mixed to enhance the healing properties of lemon water.

5. Ginger Root Tea: Undoubtedly ginger is the best natural remedy for sore throat as it is an
extremely useful spice with both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. According
to a study, ginger extract is able to kill the bacteria responsible for the bacterial respiratory
tract infections. Follow the given steps to make your ginger root tea. You can also buy it
from markets.

You require 1-liter water, fresh ginger root, and a squeeze of lemon juice and about one
tablespoon of honey or any natural sweetener. Peel and grate the ginger into a bowl. Boil
the water and remove from heat. Add the ginger, cover with the lid and allow it to steep for
about 10 minutes. Add the lemon juice and the chosen sweetener. Consume according to
your convenience. It can also be reheated.

6. Coconut Oil: The usage of coconut oil on a sore throat has a very soothing effect due to its
anti-inflammatory properties which also help the body fight infection of any nature. The
common ways to use it are:
● Add a tablespoon to any warm soup of your choice.
● Add a tablespoon to a cup of hot tea or hot cocoa.
● Consume about a tablespoon directly and allow it to melt before swallowing.

7. Cinnamon: High in antioxidants and filled with antibacterial properties, cinnamon helps to
alleviate throat pain and fight any bacterial infection. Cinnamon tea and cinnamon coffee
are the most common ways of consumption. Cinnamon Almond Milk is an enjoyable form of
consumption. Follow the given steps to make your own cup:
● You require a cup of almond milk, 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of any
natural sweetener and half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon.
● Mix the cinnamon and baking soda in a saucepan. Add the almond milk and mix again. Heat
the mixture and remove from heat as soon as it starts simmering. Mix in the sweetener and

Precautions/Do’s and Don’ts

Honey must not be used to cure sore throat symptoms in children. Their guts have not developed
completely and hence, cannot fight the unhealthy germs that are usually found in honey, such as
botulism pores.

Diabetic patients should avoid honey while treating their sore throat. Honey is a form of sugar that
contains about 17 grams of carbohydrates in one tablespoon.
If consuming coconut oil to relieve the sore throat symptoms, make sure to limit yourself to only 30
ml of coconut oil per day. Higher dosages of coconut oil have a laxative effect.
If it is your first-time consuming coconut oil, do not use more than 5 ml. Observe the next 24 hours
for any possible side effects.

The mentioned forms of natural remedies are the most inexpensive ways of treating a sore throat
while at your home. However, if your symptoms do not mitigate after applying all kinds of natural

remedies, you must visit the doctor immediately and get yourself treated. There are some
complications that can be solved only by professionals.

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