These Organic Antibiotics Should Be Present In Your Home


Andrographis Paniculata

A herb widely known in Southern Asia that is commonly used as antibacterial, curing infections, inflammatory, anti-parasitic and more. Its good medicine for headache, cough, cold, fever and common illness. How do we use it? We can make a tea out of it.

Manuka Honey

One of the most beneficial honey in the world is called Manuka Honey, it is produced in New Zealand by the bees that pollinate from the Manuka bush. Study shows that honey has been widely used for medicinal purpose since the beginning of time due to its rich antimicrobial source. Other than that, this type of honey also has high content of Amino acids, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc which makes it very beneficial.

Bee Propolis

It’s a substance used by bees to make honeycomb. Sounds awesome right? Wait until you hear what it’s for. In ancient time, these are used for antibiotic that is effective counter against pathogens. But as time passed by, researchers tested and proved that not only does it fight bacteria but also support our immune system and manage our blood sugar. You can buy it as a supplement or a cream.

Colloidal Silver

Ignore gold, what we need is silver! Specifically, a liquid called Colloidal silver. It’s founded back in 1990 in where researchers are able to combine small amount of silver to protein in where they are able to make a herbal medicine to counter over 600 germs. It is mainly used for anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory; treat ear infections, skin conditions, colds, flu and respiratory ailments.

Oregon grape

Oregon grape is a strong antibacterial herb widely used for multiple ailments. This herb contains berberine, where the main purpose is to lessen the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. This can be used as a salve, tincture or a tea.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has been used traditionally for many years, has been manufactured and sold to European countries since 1930’s. It is known for its strong antiseptic property that is used to treat wounds and skin ailments.

Grapefruit seed extract

Another famous organic anti biotic is the grapefruit seed extract. Since the research was advanced in 1899, billions of consumers have benefited from its capacity to reduce bacteria, inflammation; it can also lower fever and pain.  Further studies shows that the extract contains flavonoids and ascorbic acids and minerals that help prevent colon cancer. 

Forsythia Suspensa

Forsythia is used as antibacterial and anti-biotic. It decreases inflammation and are sometimes combined with other herbs to treat bronchitis. Its most effective with fever, sore throat, and other illness.

Coenzyme Q10

Sounds intimidating right? Think of it as a supplement. It’s mainly used for those with heart failure, cancer and periodontal disease.


Bromelain is a protein enzyme extracted from a pineapple plant. Christopher Columbus was introduced to this fruit since 1493 but the people weren’t able to recognize the benefits right away and manufacture the supplement until 1957.  Its general use is to reduce inflammation and anti-biotic. It can also be used to treat colon cancer, constipation, ulcer, allergies and asthma.

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