This Honey Helps Cure Wounds, Eczema and Acne!


How much do you like honey? Over the years, people use honey for cooking, baking, and sweetener. But do you know back then, its main use is for medicine? Honey has been since the beginning of time and lately there has been evidences of honey harvesting through the paintings that has been located in Valencia, Spain.

Honey is a supersaturated sugar substance that we can harvest from bees hives. The common health benefits of honey are anti-oxidants, antibacterial, Sources of vitamins, weight loss and sweetener. The vitamins we get from honey still depend upon the flower used by the bees for apiculture. There are 300 different types of honey in the United States with each unique flavor and medicinal properties. That’s a lot, but one stands out – that is the Manuka Honey.

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