Uninvolved (Neglectful) Parenting Scary Side Effects on Kids


Are you already a parent? How involve are you with parenting with your kids?

Uninvolved parenting, also known as neglectful parenting, is a way of parenting characterized by a lack of responsiveness to a child’s needs. It is a style that involves a lot less hand-holding compared to other parenting styles.

Children receiving this kind of parenting get little guidance discipline, and nurturing from their parents. They are left to raise themselves – make decisions on their own whether it be big or small. And that means, parents show absolutely no love or affection for the child.

This kind of parenting became controversial and has been found to have scary side effects on kids. So, if you are keen to know what the side effects are, click on the Next Page button.

Neglectful parents can have a big impact to their child’s behavior. It can seriously affect a child’s way of responding to a situation and the way they express their emotions.

Below is an excerpt of an article that states the scary side effects of uninvolved parenting on kids:

Social Interaction

Uninvolved parenting causes nothing but misery to the children. Since young children pick up social cues from the immediate world around them, a home that neglects his presence provides no guidance. To the ignored child, ignoring others becomes the reality. This could make them social recluses or exhibit antisocial behavior since they are unable to join in social situations.

Development: Moral, Behavioral, Cognitive

Interestingly, in a comparative study done on neglected children and physically abused children on moral, cognitive, and socio-behavioral development, it was found that neglect, occurring particularly in early life is more detrimental to the overall development of the child. Compared to physically abused children, neglected children were found to have more severe cognitive and academic deficits, social withdrawal and limited peer interactions. They were also found to internalize problems.

Chances of Substance Abuse/Poor Scores

Studies show that neglected child are at high risk of substance abuse and perform poorly in exams.


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What Are The Effects Of Uninvolved Parenting On Kids?

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