Women With Slow Metabolisms Must Do These 6 Things To Burn Fat


Is the needle (or number) on your scale stuck or going in the wrong direction?  Are you frustrated because all the same things that helped you lose weight before aren’t working now? Are you starving yourself but not seeing results? Chances are your metabolic rate has slowed down. It’s not your fault – most of us don’t know why our metabolism slows down or how to boost it. Knowing the proper ways and enhancing woman’s knowledge is always a great place to start. Giving you helpful information that boosts your metabolism is what women really want…the truth.  On The Next Page get the The 6 Things Women With Slow Metabolisms Must Do To Burn Fat

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3 Responses to “Women With Slow Metabolisms Must Do These 6 Things To Burn Fat”

  1. Carmie Marie

    Mar 14. 2017

    Men are fatter than women now a days! Please stop comparing and putting us down in comparison to men

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  2. We think you read the article wrong Carmie Marie. The only thing the article mentions is that men have more testosterone than women and that they have more natural muscle. Therefore, they can metabolize fat faster. No where did the article put women down. We wish you a blessed and positive day!

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  3. Carmie Marie

    Mar 14. 2017

    I do understand what they’re saying but I think it’s time we stop comparing our abilities physically because women are now a days building up more than men. Our physical makeup is different and we shouldn’t be saying too bad women can’t achieve this or can’t have it that easy. I’m sorry that’s the way I read it. Maybe I’m wrong but I think many women kind of feel that when you’re reading something like that

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