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    How often do you go to pharmacy to buy medicines?

    For the longest time, mankind has depended on medicines to treat illness, cure diseases and prevent things that are harmful to our body. There were multiple discoveries in the history that has greatly changed the world like Insulin. It was first isolated back in 1921 by scientist from University of Toronto. This medicine was a breakthrough that was used on a daily basis to keep blood sugar in check.

    Amoxicillin, it is an anti-biotic useful for treatment on infections, was discovered back in 1970’s. There are many more discoveries that have pushed the boundaries of science forward. However, years before that, there were people who has solely depended their health based only on Mother Nature’s product like fruits and vegetables. And up to today, there are many more people who depend  and benefit only on them as much as possible. Some of them even say that they are even more potent than scientific discoveries.

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