Are You Eating This Substance That Destroys Your Metabolism


Learn what this substance is and see how it can affect us. Check out the article we found over at Food Babe.

Ground breaking research was just released that links this additive to weight gain, inflammation and digestive problems.

Are you eating this substance that lines food industry pockets, linked to weight gain, inflammation and digestive problems? Find out, right here on Food Babe TV:

Cellulose (a.k.a. Wood Pulp) 101

  • Cellulose can be called by these different names on the ingredients label: Carboxymethyl cellulose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, or MCC, and Cellulose Gum.
  • Humans cannot digest cellulose. It has no caloric value. The food industry tricks consumers who eat foods with a high cellulose content to feel full physically and psychologically without having consumed many calories.
  • According to the FDA: “In humans, virtually 100 percent of orally ingested cellulose can be recovered in the feces within four days, indicating that absorption does not occur.” This substance just passes through your body, while lining food industry pockets. Nice!
  • The FDA sets no limit on cellulose content in processed food, however sets a limit for meat products at 3.5%.
  • Cellulose can by used as a supplement to bulk up foods with fake fiber. Next time you see “added fiber” on the label, take a look at the ingredients, it usually contains cellulose.

Don’t let the food industry trick you with this cheap and harmful substance. Next time you see your family or friends eating the popular products discussed in this video – ask them:

“Do You Eat Wood?”

Image credit: FoodBabe

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  1. Amy Suzanne

    Feb 19. 2016

    I’ll feel full but with fewer calories and it’s 100 percent expelled, indicating no absorption? Is it wrong that I want more of this in my food???

    Sigh…just kidding.

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  2. Oil Supplements

    Jan 04. 2018

    My goodness

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  4. Mother Nature Approved

    Jan 05. 2018

    loving the page

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