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Asthma can also get from allergies, environment, and family history. It can trigger allergen from household materials, smoke, dust mites, cockroaches, and pollens. If you have health history of Asthma in your family, that can be also a cause why you have these kind of illness.

Below is an excerpt of an article that shares natural remedies which are best and effective to use in treating asthma at home:


Is also thought to decrease inflammation, and a recent study did show that oral ginger supplements were linked to improvement in asthma symptoms. The study didn’t show, however, that ginger use led to any improvement in actual lung function. As a result, Peters cautions against using this study to draw any conclusions about the use of ginger as an alternative treatment for asthma. Additional studies are now being conducted to evaluate more fully whether or not ginger may help manage asthma symptoms


is an ingredient in many cough and cold remedies, used to help sooth an irritated throat and calm a cough. Many people with asthma may try mixing honey with a hot drink for relief, but again, Peters notes that there are no studies to support the use of honey as an alternative treatment for asthma symptoms.


Fatty acids are often used as a natural remedy to help prevent and treat heart disease. Though some research suggests that omega-3s may also help to decrease airway inflammation and boost lung function, there’s still a lot that isn’t known about their role in asthma treatment. “There is some literature to say that [fish oil] supplements may also be beneficial in people with asthma,” but as of right now, more research needs to be done, Peters cautions.


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