Fake Honey Is In Most Stores…Study Shows. Learn How To Know The Difference


Wouldn’t it be upsetting if you thought you were buying some good old natural honey, when in fact you’ve just bought honey that had all the goodness taken out of it?  Or worse yet, it being full of heavy metals and illegal antibiotics.  We’re sure you know that honey can be very nutritious and good for our health. But what if you had bought the fake stuff?  On the Next Page, learn how to know the difference between the real honey and the fake honey.

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208 Responses to “Fake Honey Is In Most Stores…Study Shows. Learn How To Know The Difference”

  1. Oil Supplements

    Sep 19. 2017


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  2. Cindy Baldwin

    Sep 20. 2017

    I’m starting to get really pissed off.
    Stop poisoning us

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  3. Oil Supplements

    Oct 06. 2017

    Couldn’t pass it by

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  4. Kathy Perkins

    Oct 06. 2017

    Went to KFC and put the honey on my biscuits. Almost puked spitting it out…I said this is not honey. My husband and mom laughed til I read the ingredients. WILL NEVER EAT THERE AGAIN. I DID NOT PAY FOR FAKE HONEY!

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  5. Oil Supplements

    Nov 26. 2017


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  6. Ashley Marie Stefanko

    Nov 27. 2017

    Buy local! Shop small business! Direct from the beekeepers!

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