HPV Vaccines – Cause Cervical Cancer Instead of Prevention


Do HPV vaccines really work? Or they just make the condition worse? Below is an excerpt of an article that tackles more about the effectiveness of HPV vaccines:

According to REGRET, approximately 100 Irish girls have reportedly experienced illnesses following Gardasil vaccinations since its introduction to Ireland’s school vaccination program in 2010. According to Kirby, her daughter developed severe flu-like symptoms within 24 hours of her first Gardasil shot in October 2011. The symptoms cleared up, but then returned after her daughter received the second dose.

The symptoms worsened even more after the second dose. Kirby claims her daughter suffered from severe nausea and fatigue leading to weight loss and muscle wasting. The symptoms have become so severe that, following another hospitalization for bilateral pneumonia in March 2012, Kirby’s daughter ended up disabled and in need of permanent care.

The lawsuit claims that other girls have also experienced “similar continuous life-changing health problems” following their Gardasil vaccinations.

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