Longevity Point – A Point Of Hundred Diseases On Your Body


Below is an excerpt of an article that discusses some of the diseases or disorders that can be remedied by massaging the point of longevity:


What Zu San Li Can Treat

The organs affected by Zu San Li are virtually endless, hence the area’s name of “the point of a hundred diseases”! Let’s take a look at a few of the disorders that can be remedied with stimulation of this amazing pressure point.

Liver function – Massaging the Zu San Li pressure point can improve liver function, helping to regulate bile production and improve the organ’s ability to filter toxins that enter the body.

Kidney function – The kidneys can also benefit from stimulation of Zu San Li, warding off kidney infections and keeping their function optimal.

Metabolic function – Zu San Li is also associated with improvement of metabolic function, with some acupressure patients reporting regular weight loss associated with regular stimulation of this pressure point. Constipation can also be ended with massage of this spot on the body.

Cardiac function – Heart function may be improved with massage of Zu San Li, resulting in improvements in circulation, arrhythmias (irregular heart beating), palpitations, and overall health.

Blood pressure irregularities – When blood pressure is too high or abnormally low, stimulation of Zu San Li can help to bring balance back to the qi governing blood pressure.

Blood sugar irregularities and diabetes – Reports of improvement in insulin metabolism malfunction and irregular blood sugar levels—such as those experienced by people with diabetes—are also associated with massage or acupuncture at the point of longevity.

Try massaging your longevity point if you are suffering from the disorders or health conditions mentioned above. If this treatment worked for others, it may work on you too.


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