Natural Remedies For Gas Pain In Toddlers


Gas can happen in anyone, toddlers or adults have it.  While adults know what to do with gas, babies don’t.  New parents are often surprised at the big noises that come out of a small baby. Babies are more prone to gas, so here are the best natural remedies for gas pain in toddlers.  If your baby is upset, chances are they have gas, help them relieve the pressure and pain.

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4 Responses to “Natural Remedies For Gas Pain In Toddlers”

  1. Vera Holman

    Oct 10. 2015

    VERY, VERY Simple. Turn the kids upside down on your knees, pat their back. After about 5 mins. turn them over still on your knees and rub their tummies. Gas will explode from them quickly. Back again to face down on your knees. This worked for decades before big Pharma became involved in parenting.

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  2. Jennifer De Rosa

    Mar 22. 2016

    Sam Capel

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  3. Regina Terry Earwood

    Mar 22. 2016

    Amber Seahorn Quaintance thought you might find this helpful with Lucy.

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  4. Yes!Thank you!She does have gas pain occasionally.

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