Petroleum Jelly Can Cause Cancer!


We always wanted the best for our skin. We find ways on how to maintain or make it moisturized and soft. We tend to use products we thought are safe.

Below is an excerpt of an article that revealed  the dirty secret of petroleum jelly and how it affects your health:

Dangers Associated with Petroleum Jelly

In order to find out if petroleum jelly is completely safe and doesn’t cause any side effects, let’s look at what science says as to the safety of petroleum jelly. Some of these reasons may convince you to stop using petroleum jelly on your skin altogether.

Contaminates the body

One concern with using petroleum jelly on your skin is that your body can’t metabolize it. Therefore, petroleum jelly provides no benefit to your skin or body other than softening dry skin.

Affects estrogen levels

Compounds in petroleum jelly may also cause higher estrogen levels in the body.

May contain carcinogenic substances

What’s even more worrying about using petroleum-based substances is that they may contain cancer-causing compounds.


After knowing all those health alarming information, will you still use petroleum jelly? There are many other natural alternatives you can use if you really want your skin to be moisturized and be smooth. Try a little research and find what’s really good.

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  1. Heidi Welch

    Aug 29. 2018

    “Petrol” derivatives are not safe, refining does not remove all the toxins and it’s not eco friendly

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