Pick Your Health Challenge To Add On Your New Year’s Resolution


Challenges are great way to jump back in to your fitness and health routine. They are even better to be done with friends. So, to start, you may pick a challenge below:

Water Challenge

The water challenge consists of drinking water first thing in the morning, before and after meal and before you go to bed. The goal is to consume a gallon of water a day to hydrate the body because oftentimes, your body is dehydrated without you knowing it. Do the challenge for a week and you’ll definitely feel amazing and may even wish to continue it.

Jogging Challenge

This challenge is simple. You only jog a day – may it be for 5 minutes or 30 minutes; though experts say it is better if you slowly increase your jogging distance and time. You just have to be consistent with it. Do it for at least two weeks and see the amazing result to your health.

No Junk Food Challenge

You’ve been indulging yourself with foods and junk foods for the past holiday season. It is now time that you cleanse your body. For a week, 2 weeks or however long works best for you, do the no junk food challenge and enjoy the amazing result to your health. You will surely feel lighter and healthier.


Pick your challenge from the three challenges mentioned above. Do it with 3 other friends to make it more fun and challenging. Have a healthier year ahead!


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