Salt, Pepper and Lemon Water Heals These Ailments!


Salt, pepper and lemons are often used in the kitchen and in cooking. But aside from that there are many ailments that can be healed combining these 3 ingredients.  When you combine all three you have made a powerful remedy stronger than many medicines out there.  So, if you’re interested in learning what type of ailments you can heal with these 3 remedies and all natural ingredients than go to thh Next Page, where we share a really cool article with you.  Natural ingredients to heal disease and ailments in unexpected way.

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3 Responses to “Salt, Pepper and Lemon Water Heals These Ailments!”

  1. Ellen Swetnam

    Nov 07. 2016

    Ron Engle

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  2. Briannon Hope

    May 14. 2017


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  3. Genevieve Marie

    May 14. 2017

    Salt is a killer.

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