This Fruit Helps You Prevent Cancer


Are you suffering from cancer? Have you heard of this amazing fruit which can help you prevent cancer?

Surely you have heard of the words Dragon or Dragon eggs from a film, but have you ever heard of the Dragon Fruit? Sounds exotic, right? If you haven’t heard of this yet, then you may want to take a quick read about it, because the benefits of the Dragon Fruit will surely amaze you. 

What is a Dragon Fruit?

A Dragon fruit is also called the “Cactus Fruit”, which is a tropical plant that originated from Southeast Asia since the 13th century. The fruit is the size of a fist with a spiky red and green layer that makes it fitting for its name. The inside is typically in white flesh with little seeds on it like sesame seeds.

Looks mythical right? But despite of its looks, the Dragon Fruit is sweet in taste. This fruit has become increasingly popular not just because of its unique look and taste, but mostly because of its benefits for our health. Dragon fruits are high in nutrients like protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin c and so much more. But before we proceed to the benefits, let’s talk about how we eat it.

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