Vegetables As The Ultimate Choice In Low-Net Carb Foods


Vegetable, vegetables, vegetables…you’re mother always told you to eat your vegetables.  Well, let us be the first to tell you she was right! Vegetables are leading when it comes to low a carb food.  They full of many vitamins, nutrients and are extremely high in fibre and alkalizing to the body.  You really can’t go wrong eating vegetables that’s for sure.  There are many ways to make sure you and your family get the vegetables you need and it’s so important you do.  It all starts with what your grocery list looks like and what you pack your fridge full of!  On the Next Page learn Dr. Mercola goes much more into depth on vegetables and what  they actually do for your body.  Once you learn this, we’re sure you’ll be filling that fridge full of vegetables!  We know it changed us!

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