Your Babies Are At Risk In Your Own Home!


Yes, you may have baby-proofed your home and kept all breakables out of reach, but every child deserves a home that is always safe and clean.

So, if you are a parent and wants to make sure that you not exposing your children to germs at home, these tips will surely help you:

  1. Get some fresh air
    For those who live in the city, keeping the windows closed keeps out dust and pollution, but being in an air-conditioned room most of the time dries out thee air. Using a cool mist diffuser will help add moisture to the room. Being able to drop in your favorite essential oils is a major plus.
  2. Eradicate germs and viruses in seconds
    Get rid of what you can’t see, like germs and viruses, with a trusted disinfectant that’s safe for all ages. Pay close attention to spraying in hidden corners.
  3. Be mindful over your baby’s cleaning supplies

If your child is bottle fed, make sure that you clean every part of the baby’s bottle thoroughly as possible with a cleanser that’s chemical-free and made of ingredients that’s safe for your child.

  1. Find a strong but gentle laundry detergent

Your baby’s skin can easily get scratched or get an allergy if they come into contact with harmful or rough ingredients. Make sure you only use detergent that will make your clothes clean but also make it soft, comfortable and safe to wear.

There you have it! Make sure to keep these in mind if you do not want to put your babies at risk in your own home.


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