Include These 74 Alkaline Foods Into Your Diet To Lead a Healthy Life!

  1. Lima Beans

Because lima beans contain high amounts of iron, they are widely popular with both vegans and vegetarians. Their high vitamin C content means that you will get more than 50% of your daily recommended dose. You will not have to eat any citrus fruits such as oranges.

Lima beans have alkaline-forming properties once you have consumed them. They help in countering acidic foods in your system. Lima beans will help in keeping your body on the alkaline column.

100g of lima beans have 61% vitamin C, 27% iron, and 5% calcium.

  1. Lime

Limes are also mistaken to be acid-forming, similar to the lemons. This is also because of the sharp acidic taste given by the citric acid. However, when you consume limes, your pH level will rise. You should start including more lime into your diet. You can use them for dressing up your foods. You may just add a slice when you drink water.

You may not be able to consume limes the same way as you do an orange. That’s why it will be best to include them into your dishes. You may also infuse limes into your cooking to add its flavor.

A lime has 32% vitamin C, 2% iron, and 2% calcium.

  1. Millet

If you prefer gluten-free diet, millet could be the perfect grain to add to your plate. It is a rare grain devoid of gluten. Its popularity stems from the fact that you can easily replace wheat with it. It can be used for making healthier breads. It can also be used in other recipes where you will usually use wheat.

It is not like wheat in its nutrient content. It is rich in both proteins and iron. You will be getting better nutritional value while also avoiding the acidic side on the pH scale.

A cup of millet has 33% iron, 22g proteins and 2% calcium.

  1. Mint

Adding fresh mint to a dish is a wonderful way to enjoy a unique flavor. It will also offer amazing nutritional benefits. Along with all these benefits, mint is also an alkaline forming food. If you are looking the best herbs and spices, you should consider those that form alkaline and not acid. You can simply add one or two mint leaf to your smoothies because of its amazing aroma. It is going to give a fresh taste that also improves your breath.

100g of mint has 3% vitamin A, 1% calcium and 2% vitamin C.

  1. Mung Beans

The benefits of mung beans include fighting some cancer types, preventing and managing diabetes, and reducing cholesterol levels. But that is not all. Mung beans are alkaline-forming foods in your body. You can consume them regularly to ensure that you increase your alkaline-food intake.

Mung beans are also rich in the antioxidant vitamin C. They have also been found to be beneficial in improving immune system. If you are a vegetarian, they can also be consumed as natural source of iron.

A cup of mung beans has 23% vitamin C, 5% iron and 1% calcium.

  1. Mustard Greens

This list of alkaline foods contains lots of leafy greens. But mustard greens is something of a special addition here because most people must have never tried them. According to research, mustard greens are loaded with antioxidants. They also have amazing anti-cancer benefits. Other important health benefits include maintaining a healthy heart and detoxifying your body.

They also have high amounts of fiber, which help with weight loss.

100g of mustard greens have 118% vitamin A, 65% vitamin C, and 5% of iron.

  1. Navy Beans

We have also included navy beans and other white beans in this list, as they are effectively used by the body. These beans are also on the alkaline side. Besides, they are rich in so many nutrients including iron, calcium, proteins, and fiber.

Navy beans are low-glycemic foods. This means they help in preventing spike in blood glucose levels. Besides, navy beans are also highly versatile foods. You can include them in so many recipes as side dishes. They can also be mixed along with various ingredients in your vegetarian main course.

A cup of navy beans has 117% iron, 48% calcium, and 47% proteins.

  1. New Potatoes

Many people are not used to using new potatoes. If you are among them, it is time you checked their descriptions closely. Even though you may have to spend a little more compared to regular potatoes. It will all be worth because of the alkaline benefits.

New potatoes get their name because they have been picked premature. They not only taste great, these potatoes are also helpful in keeping your body alkaline or are helpful in making your body alkaline as it’s not an acid-forming food.

You should just try them to find their amazing taste and alkaline benefits. You can top them with chives to increase alkalinity.

300g of new potatoes have 63% vitamin C, 3% calcium, and 12% iron.

  1. Okra

Okra has been a hot topic in health food circles. There’s good reason why – it’s special mixture of minerals and vitamins. Okra also belongs to an alkaline family of foods. You could take it as much as you want, as it is going to help your body get or remain alkaline.

A cup of okra contains 35% vitamin C, 8% calcium and 8% vitamin A.

  1. Olive Oil

There can never be any contest that olive oil is among the healthiest of oils. But with its alkaline characteristic, it is even better that you thought it to be. It is oil that can be drizzled over your salad. It will be best if that salad has all the alkaline veggies. You can also use olive oil for cooking to improve the health benefits.

Olive oil is amazingly beneficial for weight loss. It can also help in detoxifying your body. You can add olive oil to green smoothies to give them improved consistency and thickness. This is amazing oil that can be used at any time.

A tablespoon of olive oil has 1.4 monounsaturated fat and 9.8g of polyunsaturated fat.

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