Killing Cancer Through Alkaline Food


Do you know anyone who is experiencing cancer right now? This is scary illness that plague through thousands of people all over the world. There are many types of cancer with different reasons why a person might get it. Sadly, majority of cancer patients says that this illness can greatly weaken you and shortens your life. What’s even worse is that, many people say that cancer is incurable. However, there are many testimonies from previous cancer patients that they have been cured as well. Who’s to say what’s possible and not if you’re fighting for your life, right? Killing cancers may take some time and can be tough, but it can surely be done.

History of Cancer

This kind of illness happens when cells in our body grows out of control. There are numerous types of cancer, but they all started with the same reason, which is abnormal growth of the cells. This is the second leading cause of death in the united states, and today, many more are suffering from this illness.

Cancer has been in the world since 460-370 BC. The physician Hippocrates, AKA “Father of Medicine”, used the term carcinos, which means crab in Greek. He believes that a cancer is born when one of the four humors is imbalanced, this would be blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. This is called the Humoral Thoery. There are many more theories right after that from different physicians over the years, like Lymph theory, Blastema theory, Chronic theory, trauma theory and more.


In the later years, Celsus, a roman physician has translated carcinos and called it cancer. There are many more physicians that has dedicated most of their life finding the cure to fight cancer and majority of their research is a success, because as much as there is a lot of cancers in the world, there are now also multiple ways founded to treat them. The most natural way is through alkaline food.

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