Include These 74 Alkaline Foods Into Your Diet To Lead a Healthy Life!

  1. Onion

Onions can never be skipped from the list of top alkaline foods. You must already be consuming them regularly. It will be even better if you take them along with other alkaline-forming foods. Don’t just take them as toppings in your hot dogs and hamburgers.

When you sauté them, use olive oil. This will help in increasing the overall alkalinity. Make sure that you are not overcooking them. There are so many recipes in which onion is the staple. Make sure that you are using fresh onions to get the best out of them.

A cup of onions has 17% vitamin, 4% calcium and 2% iron.

  1. Parsley

Parsley is not just about adding more presentation to your plate. It will also help in maintaining your body’s alkalinity. You will usually find this little green herb as almost an integral siding to steaks. But don’t just limit it to that. You should also take more of it with veggie-ful plates.

Take this tip – you can just add parsley to your smoothies. You will have a fresher-tasting smoothie loaded with more minerals and vitamins. Interestingly, you can grow parsley in your own garden so that you could always use it fresh.

One tablespoon of parsley has 8% vitamin C, 65 vitamin A and 1% iron.

  1. Peas

Peas can be considered as the best side dish of the year. What is even better is that peas are alkaline foods. Peas are even greater because they can be used on their own without the need for adding anything else. Make sure to limit the use of butter. It is the only thing that will add acidic food.

You should try unbuttered peas for best results. You will find them to be amazingly delicious. Besides, they will not have the fats and calories.

A cup of peas have 22% vitamin A, 97% vitamin C and 12% iron.

  1. Peppers

You could take any color peppers, they are all going to help you remain alkaline. Yellow, green and red peppers – all help in maintaining high pH levels. You will also find them to be too simple to cook. They are also amazingly delicious and fresh.

When cooking peppers, you should stir fry them with garlic and onions with little olive oil. Similar to the foods given in this alkaline-food list, you will enjoy several benefits. Peppers are rich in vitamin C, and have good amount of vitamin A.

A cup of green peppers has 200% vitamin C, 11% vitamin A and 3% iron.

  1. Pomegranate

There is a new trend of pomegranate juice. This is one fruit you could consume without the need to worry that it could be acid-forming. It has very high percentage of potassium. It is also rich in vitamin C. You can add it to smoothies or enjoy it as  snack whenever you like.

When drinking pomegranate juice, it is important to insure that sugar is not added. You should also avoid mixing it with any high sugar fruits. Doing so could result in loss of alkalinity.

A fruit contains 400mg potassium, 16% vitamin C, and 3% iron.

  1. Pumpkin & Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin is not just about the holiday pumpkin pies and Halloween parties. You can cook this veggie throughout the year and enjoy its amazing health benefits. And most importantly it’s alkaline. You can simply consume its seeds as snacks, and they are alkaline too. Its huge vitamin A content is also a great reason to start eating more of it.

A cup of pumpkin has 171% vitamin A, 2% iron and 17% vitamin C.

  1. Quinoa

There is growing interest in quinoa as a highly healthy food, and it is most likely that you must not be eating it already. Quinoa is quite versatile and can be used easily. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals, more than various other grains.

This seed is also gluten-free. It may not be too alkaline, but it is the right amount so that you are not choosing anything acidic. When you consume it you are taking little steps towards becoming more alkaline. You can make amazing recipes with quinoa.

A cup of quinoa contains 87% iron, 22g protein, and 10% calcium.

  1. Radish

When it comes to radishes, the health benefits are so much you could never go wrong with them. They help with fighting cancer, boosting your digestion and also in the prevention of heart disease. Radishes also helps in detoxifying your body. They are also beneficial in the regulation of both blood glucose levels and blood pressure.

Radish is also helpful in maintaining your body’s alkalinity. If you are concerned about the taste, you have so many ways for cooking them. You could also add other alkaline herbs to improve the taste.

A cup of radish has 29% vitamin, 2% iron and 3% calcium.

  1. Red Beans

You will find red beans usually as kidney beans in stores. There are many other red beans types and they are all alkaline. You should include them in your diet more often. These beans are simply healthy for you without concern how you prepare them. They will help in improving your body’s iron levels. They also contain calcium and vitamin C. Their high fiber content also helps with digestion. They also help you with weight loss.

A cup of red beans has 14% vitamin C, 68% iron and 15% calcium.

  1. Rhubarb

You can find it difficult to get familiar with rhubarb. It may seem that it is a vegetable, but in fact it is a fruit. This is among the very few fruits that made it to this alkaline-foods list.

You may find it to be a unique type of celery. The unique tartness could prove to be excessive for some people. The key is to use it in the right recipe or you should learn to prepare it the right way. Its high calcium content and various antioxidants makes it an important food to include in your diet.

A cup of rhubarb has 16% vitamin C, 10% calcium and 2% vitamin A.

Congrats if you have made it this far, we would like to commend you!  The average person  would choose not to learn everything they can about Alkaline Foods!  But you’re different…you do!  So, congrats to you.  The Next Page and final page will have the last 14 Alkaline foods!  So, go learn them, then share this article and teach this information to as many people as possible!

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