Increase Dopamine Level by Eating This Foods


Low dopamine levels can result to several health conditions and increasing can prevent that form happening and can help boost your health. Check out the article we found at Healthy And Natural World.

1. Bananas

Bananas are a rich source of tyrosine and can help boost the levels of dopamine in the body. In fact, it is thought that the riper the banana, the more tyrosine is contained in it. Bananas have many other health benefits as well.

2. Apples

Apples contain high amounts of quercetin, a flavonoid antioxidant which is also found in onions, grapes, citrus fruits, and berries.

Studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of quercetin help to stop the depletion of dopamine levels.

3. Beets

Another food which can have a significant impact on levels of dopamine are beets.

4. Chocolate

It is dark chocolate with a high amount of cocoa solids and very little added sugar which has all the health benefits. Milk chocolate contains a high amount of sugar, which creates a sharp dopamine spike and can lead to sugar cravings. You can also use raw cocoa powder – find more information in my article about the health benefits of raw cocoa.

5. Green Tea

Green tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid which has a positive effect on neurological activities.

There have been various studies into the therapeutic effects of green tea and they show that green tea increased the levels of dopamine and serotonin.

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