Learn What to Eat To Keep Your Body Alkaline


Well, we hope you’re all ready to continue learning how to start alkalizing your body!

You can start making your body more alkaline, just by adjusting your lifestyle and that’s what we’re going to help you do!

There are 5 places we need to look:
1. Your Eating Habits
2. What you Drink on a daily basis

3. Your Toxin level in your body
4. Your Stress level
5. Your level of Exercise

Today, we’re going to talk about #1 “Your Eating Habits” and we’re going to help you to understand what an alkaline food is and what an acidic food is.

This step we believe is the most important.  What you’re putting into your body is a direct result of how healthy you will be. Even the all-famous Hippocrates said, “Let Food Be They Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food!”

We get it, it’s hard to know what to eat.  It’s hard to go into a grocery store where there are tens of thousands of products and know what’s good for you!  That’s exactly what we’re going to help you out with today! (Tip #1 – When in the grocery store stay around the outside perimeter, all the man made ‘crap’ is in the middle aisles)

We have an AWESOME RESOURCE FOR YOU BELOW that you can download, but first…

Just remember everything you’re used of eating is just a habit and ANY habit can be broken!

What most dietician experts out there recommend is that the human body should be consuming roughly 20% Acidic foods and 80% Alkaline foods.  The problem is most people do not understand what an alkaline food is and what an acidic food.

Most people have the percentages the wrong way.  Meaning they eat 20% alkaline foods and 80% acidic foods!

So, if you fall into that category we are going to fix that really easily for you.  Below you can download an alkaline/acidic foods chart. 

There are a few things we want you to do!

  1. Download your Food Chart by clicking here
  2. Save the chart to your computer, so you always have it.
  3. Print off 3+ copies. 
    1. Put one in your wallet or purse for you to refer to when you are at the grocery store.
    2. Hang one up on your fridge so everyone in your family learns what alkaline and acid foods are.
    3. Give some copies away to friends and family!
    4. Analyze your meals…are they 80% alkaline and 20% acidic…likely not! Most likely they are 80% acidic and 20% alkaline.

That’s it!  Now, it’s up to you to make sure you print off the Alkaline Acidic Foods Chart and figure out what you’re eating habit are.  Then work each day to bring it more to the 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.

If you have questions, be sure to ask them!  We hope you enjoyed this information and we really hope you will use it and share it, to help keep everyone healthier!  Be sure to join us for step #2 by joining our newsletter at http://www.extremenaturalhealthnews.com/newsletter-signup/

To Your Health,

The Extreme Natural Health News Team

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  1. Sandra Vail

    May 03. 2016

    Thanks for the information and posting this article

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  5. Justin Illing

    May 03. 2016

    Thank you! The direct experience of how healthy and happy we are and that our mind/body/spirit depends on the healthy balance of what we consume. Thank you for sharing!!!!! I love you

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    May 04. 2016

    Justin Illing
    I agree!
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    May 05. 2016

    I can’t seem to get the chart to download????

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    The link for the chart doesn’t work

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  10. Hi Rosemary Cutbush. Thanks for your message and finding this issue. The link has been restored and works properly now.

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