This is How Your Smartphones Light Affects Your Brain and Body

How Smartphones Light Cause Risk To Your Body

In this modern day, known as the century of technology, smartphones are widely used. Smartphones are a part of the daily life of almost all the people in the world. The convenience of calling someone far from you is one benefit that we can get from it. The use of the calculator, fitness tracking, playing videos, listening to music and texting using a single device is extremely handy.

Though there are a lot of things smartphones can help with our daily lives, there is some risks to be considered as well. Smartphones produce blue light that is very harmful to our health. Different research shows that blue light emitted by smartphones can cause several diseases including cancer, poor sleep, cataracts and much more.  On the Next Page you will learn more about the risks and an info-graphic helping to explain it further .

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    I keep my phone face down when I go to bed.

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    Melody, this is what I was talking about.

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    who else really loves this health info

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